Princeton Graphic Arts adquires “El show del Burro” for their collection.

El Show del Niño Burro

El Show Del Niño Burro: Charles Glaubitz. 5 two-color etchings, each printed from an original drawing directly on the zinc plates (Tijuana, B.C.: La Brigada Ediciones, Agosto 2014). No. 16 of 30. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2018- in process.

The Graphic Arts Collection is fortunate to have acquired the portfolio El Show Del Niño Burro by the Tijuana-based artist Charles Glaubitz. Quoting from the wonderful dealer’s note:

The niño-burro (boy-donkey) is a California border character par excellence and has a close relationship with the American comics and illustration. Is not an appropriation of the donkey-zebras of Tijuana, but a remake of the same emblem of the city. It is not a harmless animal that pleases the tourist. It is a controversial character: childhood as a symbol of no domestication, of irreverence and, paradoxically, of candor. In addition to traveling back and forth between San Diego and Tijuana for many years, Charles Glaubitz regularly crosses borders and pushes boundaries in his work.

The Tijuana-based painter, illustrator and graphic novelist has a visual style that employs iconic, cartoonish imagery such as Lucha Libre masks and skeleton-faced Mickey Mouse figures, as well as children in spacesuits and Zonkey costumes (Zonkeys are Tijuana Donkeys painted to look like Zebras). ‘During school, I was exposed to Joseph Campbell who is this scholar and academic who talked about world mythologies and focused not on their differences but on their similarities,’ says Glaubitz, referring to his time at the California College of Arts in Oakland.

Darkstar Art Show @atheneaum center

The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library is pleased to announce
DARKSTAR, a solo exhibition of paintings by multimedia Tijuana based
artist Charles Glaubitz at the Athenaeum Art Center. The paintings are
based on Glaubitz’ graphic novels and combine elements of myth and
spirituality with comics, alchemy and science. His graphic novels and
posters will be available for purchase during the exhibition. The
exhibition will be on view from July 25 through September 7, 2017. An
opening reception will be held on Friday, July 21, from 6 to 8 PM. The
Athenaeum Art Center hours during the week are Tuesday & Thursday
from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Charles Glaubitz is a native of Tijuana, born in 1973 to a Mexican
mother and an American father with German roots. He grew up surfing the
beautiful Pacific ocean, break dancing, bmx, freestyling, skateboarding
and reading American super heroes comic books.

Charles Glaubitz received his BFA at the California College of the
Arts in San Francisco in 2001, and has exhibited at the San Diego Museum
of Contemporary Art, Oceanside Museum of Contemporary Art, Museo
Carrillo Gil México City, El Cubo Museum of Art Tijuana ,and Museo de
Arte Zapopan. In addition to Mexico and the United States, Glaubitz has
exhibited in Spain, France, and Germany. His illustrations have been
published in Rolling Stone Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, New York
Times, Texas Monthly, and Variety Magazine, among others. His recent
clients include Sony Playstation, Jose Cuervo, Miller Lite, American
Airlines. His work has been recognized by American Illustration, How
Magazine, Print Magazine, 3×3 Magazine.

Glaubitz was awarded the 2005 Young Creators Grant from FONCA (Fondo
Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes),  and in 2013 the SNCA (Sistema
Nacional de Artes Y Creadores) Graphic Narrative Grant also from FONCA.

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